Sustainability News & Events

The rain and cold did not dampen the spirits of the Acadia student participants in the Local Organic Study Tour on Sunday October 22nd. Acadia students from multiple programs participated in a voluntary full day study tour of local organic producers and partners.

Acadia University is pleased to present the President's Panel on Oceans & Life Below Water: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sustainable Development, a showcase of Acadia research from the Faculties of Arts, Professional Studies, and Pure and Applied Science with a focus on United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDG) #14 Oceans & Life Below Water.

Acadia Community Development Students are organizing an SDG Pop-Up Fair and Clothing Swap in the SUB on November 16th as part of their coursework in Program Design (CODE 3023).  The interactive event will highlight impacts of the fashion industry on oceans and poverty and the role of innovation and partnerships in solutions to these global issues.  Visit Acadia SDG Month 2022 to learn more.