Campus Sustainability

Over the past decade sustainability has become increasingly integrated in all areas of campus activity at Acadia. Students, faculty and staff have all played a significant role in helping make Acadia a model of social, financial and environmental sustainability. Energy upgrades, the Acadia Community Farm, Trayless dining and the annual campus sustainability week event are just a few accomplishments.

Talloires Declaration

In 2006 Acadia became a signatory to the Talloires Declaration, a 10-point action plan to incorporate sustainability and environmental literacy into all aspects of university activities. This framework informs all activities of the Acadia Sustainability Office. Acadia is committed to the following actions:  

1) Increase Awareness of Environmentally Sustainable Development
2) Create an Institutional Culture of Sustainability
3) Educate for Environmentally Responsible Citizenship
4) Foster Environmental Literacy For All
5) Practice Institutional Ecology
6) Involve All Stakeholders
7) Collaborate for Interdisciplinary Approaches
8) Enhance Capacity of Primary and Secondary Schools
9) Broaden Service and Outreach Nationally and Internationally
10) Maintain the Movement

Acadia Sustainability Assessment

The Acadia Sustainability Assessment is the first comprehensive review of the status of sustainability across all areas of the institution.

Acadia Sustainability Assessment - June 2009

History of Sustainability at Acadia

For many years sustainability has been a focus at the university, in teaching and research as well as operations. Learn more about some of our accomplishments over the years.