Campus Climate Challenge

From January 23rd to February 6th 2012 Acadia is participating in the Atlantic Campus Climate Challenge (C3), a residence energy competition among universities in Atlantic Canada. Participating schools this year include Acadia, Memorial, UPEI, St. FX, Mount Allison, UNBF & UNBSJ. Winners will be declared in two categories: greatest reduction in electricity usage and most innovative solution to reduce energy use. The winning Atlantic residence will receive a plaque from the Atlantic University and College Sustainability Network. At Acadia the winning residence will receive a certificate and a morning coffee/hot chocolate service in residence.

Events & Activities at Acadia

  • Sweater Day - Wednesday 
  • De-lightful hour 9pm-10pm each night  
  • Shortest Shower Competition - Thursday
  • Air-It Laundry - Saturday
  • Fridge Free Week Jan 30-Feb 5

Acadia Results

Table 1 presents data from the base week and first week of competition. Note that costs are approximate and do not include taxes and demand charges. Base and Week 1 data is electricity usage in kWh. Greenhouse gas emissions are reported in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents. . Chart 1 shows percent change in each residence.

Table 1: Residence Electricity Details January 16-30, 2012

Chart 1: Percent Change in Electricity Usage in each Residence

Atlantic Leaderboard

Among the over 50 residences competing in the challenge Acadia placed two residences in the top ten in week one of the event. Go RoJo!

tl_files/sites/aiae/C3/Leaderboard Week 1.jpg

More Information

Contact Jodie Noiles to learn more