Styrofoam now recyclable at Acadia

Styrofoam products, such as meat trays, cups and packing material, are now accepted in recycling at Acadia. Previously these items were disposed of in the garbage stream and sent to landfill. Valley Waste Resource Management recently expanded its services to include recycling of expanded polystyrene, or Styrofoam, so you can now dispose of these items in the blue bags/bins on campus and at your home in Kings and Annapolis Counties.  

As always Acadia encourages use of reusable rather than disposable items on campus to reduce the amount of waste generated at Acadia, which in 2013/2014 was 456,650 kg. Acadia's diversion rate was 69%, a very good performance but everyone can all play a part in continuing to improve our performance by reducing waste and its associated environmental impacts and financial costs.

For more information contact the Sustainability Office or see the attached notice from Valley Waste Resource Management.


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