New residence on campus...for bees!

by Noiles, Jodie

Acadia Farm Coordinator Sarah Boudreau and Beekeeping Club Vice-President Andrew Collins assembling the hive.

Acadia is now home to a bee hive recently installed at the Acadia Community Farm. The project is partnership between the Acadia Beekeeping Club, the Acadia Community Farm and the Department of Biology. "The hive will be used for teaching and research and to help raise awareness about bees and their role in agriculture", said Jodie Noiles, Sustainability Coordinator at Acadia and Director of the Acadia Farm.

Under the direction of Dr. Dave Shutler and Dr. Kirk Hillier and local beekeepers Kevin Spicer and Perry Brandt, Acadia students will learn about beekeeping and investigate methods to improve integrated pest management techniques such as for Varroa Mites, which are a main cause of bee losses.

The Acadia Farm Coordinator, Sarah Boudreau, will help manage the hive and share information about the bees with students, visitors and community gardeners. Interested students are invited to join the Acadia Beekeeping Club by contacting Vice-President Andrew Collins at

For more information about the project please contact or



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