Fast charging in a slow town

Electric vehicle charging station to open at Acadia University in Wolfville on August 1st.

Credit: Acadia Sustainability Office. Electric vehicle charging station at Acadia University in Wolfville

Wolfville, NS – Earlier this year Acadia University installed an electric vehicle charging station at the Acadia Athletics Complex for use by the campus, community, and visitors to Wolfville. The project is a partnership between Acadia University and the Town of Wolfville and is partially funded by Natural Resources Canada.

The opening of the station has been delayed by campus closures due to COVID-19. Now that restrictions have eased Acadia University and the Town of Wolfville are pleased to announce the station will open for public use on August 1st.

The level 3 charging station, or fast charger, can charge a vehicle in 30 minutes or less compared to a level 2 charging station, which charges in 1-3 hours. The station will look familiar to Nova Scotia residents as it is the same model that Nova Scotia Power Inc. installed at locations across the province in 2018. The SMART DC-V2 Fast Charger is supplied by AddENERGIE, a Canadian company, based in Quebec, and their network provider FLO.

The project came about because of a 2018 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Acadia University, the Acadia Students' Union and the Town of Wolfville. The MOU called for cooperation on the installation of infrastructure to enable the expansion of the electric vehicle charging network in the community, and in turn encourage the uptake of electric vehicles as a solution to climate change. Electric vehicles can help reduce our society's dependence on fossil fuels and contribution to climate change from the transportation sector.

Dr. Peter Ricketts, President of Acadia University explains further, “Our goal is to work with the Town of Wolfville on mutually beneficial initiatives, to provide a new service for Acadia and the Town of Wolfville, and to continue to do our part to address climate change by enabling the use of electric vehicles on campus and in the community.”

Town of Wolfville Mayor, Jeff Cantwell, is delighted to see the new EV installation open for operation. “This University and Town collaboration follows through on commitments in our mutual MOU, as well as moving forward with the Town’s actions on climate change. Wolfville declared a Climate Emergency in 2019 and municipalities must lead the way along with their respective partners such as Acadia when it comes to making change.”

The Town of Wolfville was also declared a Cittaslow community in April 2016 and is especially known for embracing the slow food movement. Cittaslow is an international association of communities that celebrate arts, culture and the joys of a slow and quiet living. Wolfville just passed a new Municipal Planning Strategy with Cittaslow as a core concept of economic prosperity and a focus on climate action.

A fast charger was needed in this slow, but busy and progressive town to provide the most convenient charging solution for an increasing number of electric vehicle drivers. According to Electric Mobility Canada, a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of e-mobility, at the end of March 2020 there were 159,000 electric vehicles in Canada with most provinces posting significant increases over the same period in 2019.

Dr. Alan Warner, Professor Emeritus at Acadia University, bought an electric vehicle in 2019 because it helps reduce his carbon footprint and saves money. “It’s a great investment and is so much fun to drive.” He charges at home but says, “having a charger at the university is an easy way to charge in a different locale, especially for a long work trip.”

The Acadia Athletics Complex was chosen as the preferred site for the charger because it is a popular destination for Wolfville residents, visitors and Acadia students, staff and faculty. It is centrally located, has a visible and accessible parking lot on Main Street, and an easily accessible power connection.

The project is managed by the Acadia Sustainability Office and Acadia Facilities Management. Jodie Noiles, Sustainability Coordinator at Acadia says the charger is part of the campus sustainability plan, “it is a major component of our transportation plan with a focus on alternative and active transportation.” “Eventually we hope to add a level 2 station, parking for carpool vehicles, hybrid cars and one day, a carshare program” she added.

An official launch event is planned with all partners for a later date. For more details about the charging station visit


About Acadia University

Acadia University, in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, has long been recognized as one of Canada's premier post-secondary institutions. With its nationally and internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate research initiatives, small classes, and technology-rich teaching and learning environment, Acadia offers students an experience that includes academic achievement combined with personal growth and development.

About the Town of Wolfville

Wolfville is located along the shores of the Minas Basin, part of the Bay of Fundy. The Town is separated from the Minas Basin by agricultural dykes which were built by Acadians in the 17th century. Wolfville experiences the Bay of Fundy's record setting tides each day as water fills and drains from the Wolfville Harbour. With a thriving cultural centre, warm sense of caring community, progressive sense of sustainability, and strong municipal backbone, Wolfville just might be the perfect place to live.

About the Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative

The program offered through Natural Resources Canada supports the construction of an electric vehicle (EV) fast charging, coast-to-coast network. The Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative has made significant progress to support low-carbon vehicles and alternative fueling infrastructure in Canada since 2016.

For inquires contact:

Jodie Noiles
Acadia Sustainability Coordinator
Acadia University
P: 902-585-1932

Devin Lake
Director of Planning + Development
Town of Wolfville
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