Chartwells Sponsors New Wheels for Acadia Farm

As part of Chartwells continuing partnership with the Acadia Commnunity Farm, the company generously supported the purchase of a new bicyle trailer. The trailer, made by Wike Bicycles and Trailers in Guelph, Ontario is used by students and volunteers to transport equipment, garden supplies and produce around campus. In the past, wheelbarrows and vehicles, when available, were the only means of transportation. While the ride up hill at Acadia is a bit of a work-out with a full load, the trailer provides the farm with a sustainable transportation option for deliveries. It also attracts attention on campus helping promote the Acadia Farm and Chartwells.

Since 2008, Chartwells has partnered with the Acadia Farm to purchase vegetables and herbs grown by students, staff and community volunteers. The organizations also work together to promote healthy sustainable food to students at Acadia.

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